Camp Information


MEETING LOCATION: As you enter RIMAC Arena, find the stairs and go down to the 1st floor_court level. You will find us there.

ATTIRE: What to wear. We will officiate in black shorts,white socks, black and white striped officials shirt, and black shoes. Any official who wants us to give advice on how you look in a full uniform, simply bring your slacks and we will make time to give you a critique.

MEALS: We should have some things in the morning and some lunch time, and evening food will be made available. UCSD will have several food options so if we don’t provide your favorite foods, bring a few bucks and treat yourself .

SHOWERS: The main meeting room will be available for you to bring your gear. If you want to shower, they will be available. Bring your own shower supplies including towel.

VIDEO: OPTIONS: DOWNLOAD YOUR GAMES TO USB STICK. Please bring your own 8GB (minimum) USB stick. OPTION 2: I plan to load the games to Cloud Sharing so you can sign in and download your own games. INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE PROVIDED AT CAMP.
Although we won’t videotape every game you work,we should be able to provide you with a nice sampling of your work. You will have an opportunity to sit down with one of us to get an idea of how to break down your video. We do NOT plan to review an entire game with you but there will be ample opportunity to understand the value of breaking down tape and the tools to do it for yourself.

I do wish to take a moment to tell you a little bit about the camp. As I have stated on the website, the camp is an opportunity…in many forms. The opportunity to learn by doing, to meet other officials, to network, to ask questions, to learn through observation and from reviewing your video.
I understand work commitments and other obligations that arise. But please remember that camps are not simply working games and leaving. We have taken strides to provide you with the full slate of above opportunities.

REGISTRATION/MEETINGS : We will see you all on Friday morning! Registration opens at 10:00AM and Friday’s session will begin at 10:30 AM.
Saturday we begin PROMPTLY at 8:30am; and Sunday class session will begin PROMPTLY at 7:45AM.
The MEETINGS are an important component of camp. This year we have planned for morning meetings EACH DAY of camp. If you are serious about officiating, you should consider the morning meetings as mandatory (we will not take attendance). These are opportunities to meet, listen to and speak with some of the brighter minds in the game today.
The meetings are also important opportunities for more class time on topics that are important to many of you.
You paid your money…it is always up to you to determine for yourselves what you consider to be ‘getting your monies worth’.

ON COURT SCHEDULE: As far as scheduling goes, you should have already communicated your restrictions PRIOR TO CAMP. I will attempt to get you on the court 7-8 times over the weekend. If conflicts arise after the schedule is out, I cannot guarantee I can give you a different schedule to accommodate you. Games are scheduled as follows: Friday games will tip from 3PM to 9PM. Saturday games tip at 11AM to 7PM. Sunday game tip from 9AM to 1PM. This is a tournament so the games should be decently competitive.
Please call or email with questions/comments/concerns.
We are looking forward to sharing a couple a days with you all…
– Steve Espinoza and Mike Rapp

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