I wanted to take a few moments to thank you and your staff for this weekends camp. I really appreciated your feedback, guidance, and encouragement. The camp has given me additional inspiration to push myself in pursuit of my goals of officiating at the collegiate level.
Again, thanks.
– R.B.

Senor Steve….
Hola again. The camp, from a camper’s perspective, was a big hit. I know in talking with my camp colleagues, we were impressed with the entire program and I for one am looking at attending again.

Highlights included:

  • Coming there knowing nothing, and leaving with enough confidence in the three man system to look forward to putting that knowledge into practice.
  • The feedback from the evaluators was immediate, effective, and priceless. It was also nice to hear everyone (evaluators) on the same sheet of music as far as mechanics. Also, the manner in which the critiques were given was well done. Funny when needed, harsh when needed, but most important educational and encouraging.
  • The video department did a very good job of capturing the games and officials on court. It was very helpful in self evaluating one’s ability, and progress, during the camp.
  • The food provided for the camp was more than enough, and filled the need for all during the camp. The spaghetti sauce was a favorite for me.

What else is left to say other than, fun was had, we learned a lot, got to implement it, and see it in action, and will be better officials for having attended your camp. Looking forward to 2012.
Thank you again !!!

Thanks again for encouraging me to attend the camp. I’m glad I did. It was very humbling and very educational. Mike Rapp was great. I got a chance to chit chat with him after my last game and he told me some stories about some games that made me realize that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes, but what’s most important is how we learn from those mistakes.
Thanks again for everything,
M.B. – Carlsbad

Thanks for a great Camp last weekend. Those who wanted to learn did, those who didn’t want to didn’t. There was some outstanding sessions and feedback. I am better because of it.

Hi Steve.
Thank you for a great camp experience. Your support and encouragement, direction and advise were spot on and very helpful. Thank you. Of all of the referee guys I’ve been around, you Steve, are the most like a head coach, or a director of a program that actually values each of it’s members as teammates–each and every individual appreciated and valued as a critical component that contributes to the overall success of the unit. At least that is how I felt. Like John Wooden stated, it is amazing what a group of individuals can accomplish when nobody is concerned about who receives the credit. This is about your leadership and guidance and the excellent example you set for me, and for many others. There is a reason why I came back to YOUR camp. I trust you and I respect you. I was right to come back to you.
Thank you again Steve.

Thanks for accepting me this year. I had a ball. Great experience and I thank you, your family, and the guest speakers for your time and expertise. Job well done! See ya next year!

Thanks again to you and your family for a truly rewarding and enjoyable camp. See you court side and next year at the camp.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for putting the camp together and inviting such a great crew of mentors – I think everyone I talked to learned a lot and had some fun, too. I appreciate your reward for the late game folks Saturday! Very nice touch.
All the best to you and yours,

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the instruction and advice last week during the camp. I appreciate you taking time out to sit down with me and talk one on one. Your advice was taken to heart and I look forward to doing what ever it takes to reach as high I as I can go officiating.
Thank you again and I look forward to working with you on the court soon,

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